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"Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in our own sunshine."
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Monday, April 27th, 2009
12:50 am
An interesting day, or not.
 Well, I had this big plan to wake up and get some serious work done on the project I last posted about.  Instead I got up, helped Asani with an amazing Hibachi style meal and then cleaned for the rest of the entire day.  Ok, I meant to be motivated, but not in that direction.  It really needed to be done, but my thought was to fix the place up a bit so I could then focus on the project.  Instead I got completely focused on the house and even did some rearranging.  I doubt much will get done on it this week, considering work, so maybe next weekend will go better.  

Not sure why, but I feel compelled to post more lately.  :)  I feel extremely boring though.  Like... who really cares that I cleaned the house?  Well, I know Asani does, but that's about it.  *L*  I'm going to try to at least get more of a start on the contest tonight.  Must sleep soon though.  Really don't feel like working tomorrow, but vacation time is coming up soon (next month.)  Hurray!  I need it!

P.S.  Someone stole my computer chair and didn't return it.  ;)

Current Mood: tired
Friday, April 24th, 2009
9:14 pm
"Gonna try and drown or drink the river dry" - Dax Riggs
It's strange.  I've been feeling more like me again lately.  I don't want to get my hopes up because it is usually short lived these days.  Still, it's good to have those feelings of drive and lust for something more out of myself that to simply bring home a paycheck.  Work has been eating me alive on many levels.  Serious over time and serious stress... but maybe that is what set me off.  I think I do need some sort of pressure for the best in me to come out.  I have to wonder, is it worth near killing myself to get there?  It seems sometimes that is what it takes.  Maybe I just need to find a more healthy way to do it.  It always did help to have a challenge.  I have to watch myself sometimes.  When it comes to a creative challenge I can get into more than I bargain for.  The moment someone is like "can this be done?"  I want to say, "hell yeah, give it here!"  It's not normally finding a solution that is a problem.  That is the fun part, but the work involved in actually going the journey is sometimes more than I should take on at the moment.  On that note, I think I will try to enter another art contest soon.  It's pretty prestigious so it is probably artistic suicide to enter, but I want Photoshop CS4 and a new Wacom damn it!  $1,000 wouldn't hurt either.  :)  I will just give it a shot.  I figure it's more for practice than anything, but I am not counting myself out yet either.  Then I would certainly fail because I wouldn't try hard enough.  Unfortunately, The theme is cliche as hell (Good Vs Evil), but I have some decent ideas... and the designer/marketing skills I have will give me an edge in gearing it toward something Wacom would use in an ad campaign.

This is the contest: http://news.deviantart.com/article/76573/
Here are the existing ads: 

Any other folks out there on my friends list, I welcome your creative competition should you wish to also attempt it!  <--- This is me with the pressure thing again.

Current Mood: creative
Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
8:12 pm
This is AWESOME!
 I just discovered Photosynth!  Virtual 3d photography can now be created by just about anyone who can upload digital photos to the web.  I think this is great for anyone who likes to dabble in photography.  I will have to try it out soon.

"In simple terms, Photosynth allows you to take a bunch of photos of the same scene or object and automagically stitch them all together into one big interactive 3D viewing experience that you can share with anyone on the web.

Photosynth is a potent mixture of two independent breakthroughs: the ability to reconstruct the scene or object from a bunch of flat photographs, and the technology to bring that experience to virtually anyone over the Internet.

Using techniques from the field of computer vision, Photosynth examines images for similarities to each other and uses that information to estimate the shape of the subject and the vantage point each photo was taken from. With this information, we recreate the space and use it as a canvas to display and navigate through the photos."

Here is an introductory video.


Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
8:23 pm
The Zombie Outbreak has begun... and it's right here in Metairie.
The article I am posting is a real article from our local newspaper, not a hoax.  Those who have studied zombies know the signs, and we must heed the warnings!  A man not far from my home was randomly assaulted today.  A stranger strolled right into his yard and attacked, biting off and devouring a chunk of his arm in the process!  The attacker was still speaking, at least to some degree, so I believe he is only in the early stages of zombie infection.  Still, the factors add up.  Perhaps he wasn't actually speaking Spanish, just making noises that the victim assumed to be Spanish?  He was obviously disorientated, violently compelled, and driven to eat human flesh.   He never tried to escape, just lurched around and hovered... perhaps waiting for more humans to arrive to take a bite out of.  It also states that the attacker was just treated in the hospital the day before for a "finger injury"... a wound from the zombie that infected him perhaps?  Hmmm... if I see that the guy who got bit today attacks someone else tomorrow I will know this is the real deal.  Grab a copy of the Zombie Survival Guide and sharpen your machetes friends.  This could get ugly...

Feel free to repost, the world needs to know!

The story so far: 

"Stranger takes bite of gardener's arm"


"Those who don't learn from zombie history are condemned to repeat it."  - Max Brooks

Current Mood: worried
Friday, December 26th, 2008
8:32 pm
What? An actual UPDATE?!
Yep, with the holidays, and not traveling this year I actually have some extra free time and I felt like writing.  Most likely... about two or three people will read this (one of which I live with), but that's ok.  I sometimes forget that my whole flist isn't also reading jeustr 's journal.  She is much better at actually posting about what is going on in our life.  So, to recap...

We bought a house not to long ago.  It's amazing.  Much more than I ever thought I would own (or co-own in this case).  Hell, a few years ago I never thought I would do anything but rent.  The idea never even entered my mind.  We have done a lot to it, got new furniture, and we are trying to slowly make it a really nice place.  We got some power tools this Christmas so who knows what we'll come up with.  :)

Shortly after buying the house we adopted a kitten.  Then we adopted two more.  The older, first one, is solid black and very smart.  His name is Corvus (the genus of crows and ravens), but we call him Corvy most of the time.  The other two are a bit smaller and are brother and sister.  The boy is solid white and is named Yuki (Japanese for snow.)  He also has one blue eye and one yellow.  It's beautiful.  The girl is adorable, a grayish and white tabby.  She is named Luna Bell (just Luna for short.)  I'll have to get some pictures to post of the critters.

Aiden is in second grade, and gets a ton of homework.  He's exceptionally smart, though he lacks much in the self discipline area.  At least we are instilling him with much more than I was when I was little.  Hopefully he will grow up with better habits than I did.  In around a year I hope to get us both in martial arts.  It will be fun... and therapeutic... for us to beat on each other.  *L*  It was also one of my big childhood dreams to learn some form of martial arts, but my family could not afford it.  I'm sure it would have helped me a lot in school to deal with.... certain situations.  I think it would still do my self confidence and discipline a lot of good.  I feel like I would devote a lot of myself to it, and I love the idea of having that level of control over my movements/body.  That sounds weird, but I rarely dance anymore so I feel like it would fill the void.  I don't do the clubbing thing and being able to lose myself in motion on the dance floor was a big freedom.  I think I could find the same peace here.  It also coincides with my obsession with Asia, Japan in particular.  Getting to Japan is another goal in the next few years.

Now, in current affairs... it's hard to believe it is the day after Christmas and it is 80 frickin' degrees in our house.  The heating/AC is messed up and no one will be here to fix it until Monday.  Back in NC this would mean we would be running around all bundle up... but in Louisiana it means we sweat.  *L*  I don't know how long it will take for me to get used to how hot it stays all year 'round here.

Speaking of the holidays... it has been on my mind a lot lately.  I just don't know what is wrong with people.  Growing up I remember seeing the inherent commercialization of holiday concepts.  We never had much money and maybe it was a good thing because we had to find value in something other than price tags.    Now it just seems like it is getting worse by the year.  Anyone buying a hot item has to worry about being robbed or killed on the way to their car even in the daylight.  People are trampled TO DEATH on Black Friday as they race to get to the electronics department.  What the hell is so important on your list that it warrents killing someone to grab it first.  Do they think it will make the holidays better to end up in jail?  Do they think about how their stupidity affects others?  Obviously not.  I refuse to let it kill my outlook though.  My feelings on the holidays have only grown over the years, especially now as a parental unit.  Still, it blows my mind how completely the point is missed even by those who observe the holidays on a religious level.  No Tickle-me-Elmo or Blue Ray DVD player is worth losing your damned mind over.  Just love your family and do what you can.  That should be enough.

Next week is the start of a new year, and a start of a lot of good things I hope.  It is also my 3 year anniversary.  :)  I have been dying to give jeustr  her present.  It is comforting beyond words to be with someone that I feel so completely myself with... and where we are always so patient and understanding with each other.  Sure, there are occasional snippy moments, but I never have to worry that it will end our relationship or that not ending it will cause me an ulcer.  On second thought, that doesn't sound so good, but that is not the reason we are together.  It is just the peace at heart that I wondered if I would ever find.  I think, as a couple we are hard to understand until you see us in action.  We are an odd couple, but we are... two peas in a pod for sure!  :)  When you there is someone you love that you KNOW you can always count on and always trust, there is no greater gift.  When you have that but you can also share all the things you enjoy, talk about anything from philosophy to most embarrassing moments with, and laugh with them endlessly... it is practically a miracle.  "Perfect love, perfect trust."  It's not just a catch phrase anymore.

Current Mood: contemplative
Saturday, May 17th, 2008
4:53 pm
Another great one.
I guess this was written for the movie Dark Portal, but I haven't seen it yet... just recognized the clips.  Beautiful, either way.

Current Mood: thoughtful
5:53 am
This song seriously rocks my world!
When I am famous I know who will write the score to my projects now!  *L*  I remember hearing this band years ago, but they had only done cello covers of Metallica songs.  They were good, but I never was a Metallica fan so I didn't pay it much mind.  A lot of the stuff they have done since then is amazing, including all the other artists they have collaborated with.  It seems they even wrote some of the music for Symphony of the Night.  :)  Just had to share.

Apocalyptica - Path

Vocal version of Path with Sandra Nasic

More stuff can be found on Youtube, myspace (http://www.myspace.com/apocalyptica) and here: http://apocalyptica.com/

Current Mood: restless
Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
12:06 am
Shevirat haKeilim
I feel awakened lately, more with each passing day.  It's something that I used to go through from time to time, on a fairly regular basis.  It went away for a long damn time, and it's a welcome return.  I know this sounds weird, coming from a guy, but it feels like a spiritual menstruation (at least, how I would imagine that to feel.)  The tides of life flowing, and the pains of change, being in tune with a cycle... of yourself and despite yourself.  I think the lack of this is what has made me so unable to write for so long.  Yeah, school was a lot of it, but other than that I was just so damn uninspired most of the time.  Maybe it's that good old conflict and opposition I needed.  Is it true that I must seek failures, conflict, unstable situations, loss, sadness, or other bumps in the road to achieve this state of mind?  Can I ever be happy just being happy and in peace?  I guess it's not in me.  I need to be stirred, I can't stand stagnation.  Right now I am looking at things from such a different perspective, and there's a tingle I can't turn off.  I should be trying to sleep so I can be worth something at work tomorrow, but I just really want to create something.  Yesterday I had that familiar feeling of counting the minutes to when I can go home so I could have the opportunity, but there are always distractions and interference.  Still, I'm filling up, and I am so thankful...

An ecstasy synthetic diversions could only wish to replicate.  A sweetness of the air, and a current of bliss.

Current Mood: ecstatic
Tuesday, March 18th, 2008
8:59 pm
Wonderful day?
Ever  notice how most receipts have something along the top like "Have a wonderful day!"  Is this like a precautionary measure in case the person who rings you up forgets to wish you well?  If I had a business I would stand out in the crowd by providing a message that says "Thank you for spending your money on us!  Please cling to these material good for some small moment of comfort in your otherwise bleak existence!"

Current Mood: sarcastic
7:15 pm
This is great
How To Get Rid Of A Dead Body The Art Way

Current Mood: amused
6:35 pm
New Art Upload
I haven't uploaded a whole lot yet, but I added the final for my character development class.  Click below if interested!

by ~shadowsgrace on deviantART

Current Mood: accomplished
Friday, March 14th, 2008
7:04 pm

Well, due to some loan issues it looks like I won’t be continuing school for a while.  Actually, with the current plan it looks like I may be out as long as two years.  This is a blessing and a curse.  I feel somewhat lighter, knowing I won’t have the majority of my time consumed by the dance of work and school… and too little for family, friends, and me time.  It was beginning to wear me thin.  Then again, there is the unavoidable depression of having to let go of something that means a lot to you, and fear that in the mean time it could close off other opportunities.  I am going to try and make the best of it.


Pros of the situation:

* Finally get to go places around here that I haven’t been to (sculpture garden, zoo, NOMA, Parks, Historical Sites, etc.)

* More time to communicate with people, outside of my own head or in my classes.

* More time to pursue art for my own satisfaction and improvement.

* Time to build on the ideas behind my Parallel project.

* Time to learn some of the programs I’ll need for school (like Maya and 3DSMax) and others I want to learn (ZBrush!), in the mean time, on my own.

* By the time I get back to school we should be in better financial standing.

* I can help Asani get through her final school stuff (it’s hard when you are both pulling the work/school routine – especially with a kid.)

* I can make the GNOG LJ Community I wanted to make.

* May get more sleep (but not likely.)



* I’m not getting any younger, and I have to wait longer to finish perusing my second career choice.

* All the friends I had made at school will have moved on by the time I get back to it.

* If any studios open in the next few years I could miss a great opportunity because I had to wait longer.

* Will have to start repaying old loans again immediately.

* Will have to start paying newer loans soon.

* Will not have access to school benefits.
* May have trouble getting back into the program.

I’m worried about being apathetic over the situation, but I want to put myself on some sort of schedule.  I want to start entering art contests again, making plans for the weekends, etc.  If there is no way around this, I just need to look on the positive side and take every opportunity I can.  Asani has been begging for me to post some of the things I have made for school so I think I will do that soon...
"God... damn the torpedoes
It's time to run away with the Sideshow
Full speed, straight ahead.
Don't stop,
You can sleep when you're dead!"

Current Mood: contemplative
Monday, March 26th, 2007
10:33 pm
Rate me! School work assistance needed.
I know I never post anymore.  I'm bad.  For those who don't know, or don't read Asani's journal, I am taking classes full time in addtion to working full time so I really am pressed for time most days.  Well, speaking of class... if anyone would like to participate I need two or more people to rate me on two simple scales.  This would probably only take a minute or two.  I'm pasting the info behind the cut, and of course, instead of check marks just giving me a number for each would be great.

Saturday, February 10th, 2007
3:40 pm
Gothic Garfield
Gothic Garfield2
Comics by Linda Bergkvist. I just discovered this artist today. Her comics are hilarious, and her fantasy art probably the most jaw dropping I've ever seen. Just so amazing I had to share!
Check out this image if you don't believe me: http://www.furiae.com/gallery/spoiled.jpg
Here's her site with lots more: http://www.furiae.com/index.php :)

Current Mood: impressed
Wednesday, January 10th, 2007
8:17 pm
For my wife, who has stuck through marriage to me for over a year now!
These words may not be my own, but they fit so entirely well that they mirror all my thoughts.

Thursday, November 30th, 2006
8:35 pm
my status
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8:18 pm
-----> insert rare, random mushy moment <-------
Just had to note that my beautiful wife has a very talented tongue is very talented and wonderful. :) Yes... very talented indeed, and did I mention wonderful? I am very lucky and immeasurable grateful for her presence in my life. I'm so excited that our anniversary is coming up soon. I know it will be almost as great as our wedding... in some ways even better since there won't be 80 other people around. ;) With that and one of the first Christmas occasions I am actually looking forward to I think it will be a great holiday season for a change!
-----> You may now return to your regularly scheduled programing <-------

Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006
12:23 am
Holy Shit! I won something!!!
It's become a tradition for me to enter the Renderosity Halloween art contest each October.  I also try to enter some of the other contests that pop up which either have cool enough prizes or that appeal to my artistic style.  Recently a contest came about where the winner would be on the cover of a metaphysical/spiritual book by the name of "The Book of Thoth."  This is not THE Book of Thoth as in Crowley, but it caught my eye none the less... especially since I always wanted to illustrate book covers.  Well, I never had much luck with previous contests, but I thought I had a decent chance at this one.  I didn't win first prize, so no cover for me, but I got an honorable mention!!!  That got me some prizes, and more importantly I got some recognition.  I am ecstatic!!  :)

I think part of the problem is that I need to recalibrate my monitor.  My old one had really screwed up gamma so all my stuff looked dark on my screen and too bright on others.  Now I have a great monitor, but I seem to have my settings so that things seem brighter on my screen.  So, this being a peice that was mostly in dark value anyway a lot of details got lost on some of the monitors I viewed it on.  Unfortunately, I didn't get to test it out like that until after the contest had stopped taking entries due to time constraints.  At any rate, it's a big boost to my confidence and makes me believe I can keep winning, gaining exposure, and making something of my talents other than designing business cards and such.  YAY for me!  :)

I figured I would post a copy of the image and a couple of the others.  On this version of the Thoth entry I messed with the brightness/contrast a little (still on my monitor.)  It may help, but for those with a dark monitor it still may not show much detail.  I'll also post the Halloween entries from this year and last.  Each year the Halloween contest has a theme.  The theme title is also the title of the entries I made for that year, as listed below.  Click the images below for the gallery link.  Click the image there if you want to see the full size.  :)

Dawn of the Dark Dawn of the Dark

"Dawn of the Dark" Halloween 2005 Renderosity contest entry.
Wake the Dead Wake the Dead

"Wake the Dead" Halloween 2006 Renderosity contest entry.
The Book of Thoth The Book of Thoth

Entry into the Book of Thoth cover contest.

Current Mood: artistic
Friday, October 20th, 2006
10:12 pm
Crazy happenings in New Orleans

What's for dinner, honey?
Zackery Bowen butchers and cooks his girlfriend before the drinking, drug, stripper binge that ends with his suicide.
or as one article called it: "GAL-PAL GUMBO"

I agree with one of the stories I read on this earlier... It does seem almost like a movie scenario.  Two love struck, charismatic rebels who united to live like survivalists through the ghost town aftermath of tragic natural disaster.  Oddly, after reading a lot of personal details about them I kept thinking... shit I could have hung out with these people.  In fact I found many descriptions of their artistic and intriguing natures akin to many people I have been friends (or more) with over the years.  Wild souls in a crazy romance, ending with a gorefest.  If nothing else I figure it'll end up in a true crime book.

Kinda eerie too that the girl came from Durham NC, before moving here.  From about an hour from where I onced lived to a half hour from where I now live.  I'm pretty sure I know what Voodoo place they lived over too.  I think it's the museum we have been to, and I think the Omni Royal Hotel is the one right next to the hotel Asani and I stayed at during Sachmo fest.

Here are some links if you're curious:

This one goes into the girls past more than the current story, but it's interesting:
and this is one of the articles written about them after the hurricane about their resourcefulness for surviving in the primitive post-destruction French Quarter. (from Sept. 2005)

Current Mood: weird
Tuesday, October 10th, 2006
7:44 pm
The Life and Death of a Pumpkin

Here's a cute little video for Holloween. :)
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